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I am proud to support this concept of safer entertainment for our family. I am purchasing a TV GAURDIAN through this company and have wanted one for some time. I hope you will visit their site too!
This site is the home of a special genealogy group that is dedicated to helping others! Stop by!
Genealogy Web Rings I Belong To
The fastest way to get in touch with others that share the same interests that you do. They are wonderful and you never know WHO you might find! Good Luck!
Kathy's Genealogy--INDEX ONLY!
Email me if you see a familiar surname--mostly in Pennsylvania, Blair County.
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Daddy's Place--
Meet Bob, my husband and poor soul that has to put up with an addicted genealogist for a wife! This is his fishermans haven and info on ALASKA-stop by and say hello!

Please take a minute and let us know you were here. If you a researching your family names please note them for others to see.....

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I hope you find some of the groups I am involved in, as helpful and as much fun as I have. Here are a few of my favorites....

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Received July 1998, Thanks so much! GrowinTrees Genealogy Received June 1998, Thank you!

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